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Chapters in Edited Volumes

(2019): Bhatia, Vijay K., Interdiscursive Construction of Arbitration Practice: Implied Confidentiality and Accessibility of Data, in Communicating English in Specialised Domains. Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives, Peter Lang.

(2017): Bhatia, Vijay K., Interdiscursive media manipulation of information in public space: The case of Panama Papers, in María Ángeles Orts, Ruth Breeze and Maurizio Gotti (Eds) Power, persuasion and manipulation in specialised genres: providing keys to the rhetoric of professional communities, Bern, Peter Lang.

(2017): Bhatia, Vijay K Bhatia., International Commercial Arbitration in Asia: Discursive and Professional Perspectives, in Bhatia et al (Eds.): International Arbitration Discourse and Practices in Asia, London, Routledge.

(2016): Bhatia, Vijay K., Genre as interdiscursive performance in public space, in Mary Jo Reiff, and Bawarshi, Anis (Eds.) Genre and the Performance of Publics, Utah, Utah State University Press.

(2016): Bhatia, Vijay K.: Critical Reflections on Genre Analysis, in Natasha Artemeva; Aviva Freedman (Eds.): Genre Studies around the Globe: Beyond the Three Traditions, Trafford, USA, Trafford Publishing.

(2015): Bhatia, Vijay K., Creativity and Interdiscursive Performance in Professional Communication, in The Routledge Handbook of Language and Creativity, Edited by Rodney H. Jones, London, Routledge.

(2014): Bhatia, Vijay K., Interpersonal Constraints in Statutory Writing, in Interpersonality in legal genres, edited by Ruth Breeze, Maurizio Gotti and Carmen Sancho Guinda, to appear in Linguistic Insights Series by Peter Lang.

(2012): Bhatia, Vijay K., Professional Written Genres, in the Routledge Handbook of Discourse Analysis, edited by James Paul Gee and Mike Handford.

(2012): Bhatia, Vijay K., and Han Zhengrui, Applied genre analysis of legal judgments and arbitration awards: Comparing two different discursive practices, in Bhatia, Vijay K., Giuliana Garzone and Chiara Degano (Eds.): Discourse Analysis of Arbitration Awards, Cambridge, Cambridge Scholars Series (192-217).

(2012): Bhatia, Vijay K., Interdiscursivity in Academic Genres, in Berkenkotter, C., Bhatia, V., & Gotti, M (Eds.): Interdiscursive Practices in ESP Writing Contexts, Bern, Peter Lang, (47-65).

(2011): Bhatia, Vijay K., Specification in legislative writing: Issues of accessibility, transparency, power and control, in The Routledge Handbook of Forensic Linguistics.

(2011): Bhatia, Vijay K., & Bhatia, Aditi, Business Communication, in the Routledge Handbook of Applied Linguistics, edited by James Simpson, Routledge.

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