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Funded Research Projects
I have worked on several research projects on Applied Discourse and Genre Analysis, academic, professional and public discourse, Applied Linguistics, Curriculum Design, and ESP, including the following:

UNDP-Government of Singapore Project

UNDP-Government of Singapore project on the Teaching of English in Meeting the Needs of Business and Technology [1984-87]: As the PI and leader of the project, I was primarily responsible for directing and guiding the academic and research aspects of the project.  The outcome of the project was a set of two volumes of English for Business and Technology self-access materials published by the National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Asean-New Zealand English for Business and Technology Project

One of the four Project Leaders -- The aim of the project was to study the needs of English in Business and Technology in the six countries of the ASEAN region, to assess how much of English is already available and how much more needs to be given to meet the requirements of English in the ASEAN region. (1988-1992)

Strategies and competencies in legal communication Project

Strategies and competencies in legal communication, a project with Christopher N Candlin as co-consultant to investigate the communicative needs of legal professionals undertaken on behalf of the Law Society of Hong Kong (1997-1998).

Teaching English to meet the needs of business education in Hong Kong

A SCOLAR Language Fund Project, 1998-2001, as PI and Leader of the project. Other participating institutions included English as well as Business Faculties from five Hong Kong Universities.

Generic integrity in legal discourse in multilingual and multicultural contexts

A CERG project funded by the RGC, Hong Kong (1998-2002), with Professor C. N. Candlin and others in Hong Kong and 12 other international teams, including the ones from Denmark, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, South Africa, India, Hong Kong, Brazil, Finland, Japan, Malaysia, and others.

Analysing Genre-bending in Corporate Disclosure Documents

A RGC funded CERG project (2005-2007)

International Commercial Arbitration Practices: A Discourse Analytical Study

A RGC CERG funding proposal submitted in October 2005 with Vijay K. Bhatia as PI  & Christopher N. Candlin, Senior Research Professor, Macquarie University, Australia, Rajesh K Sharma, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Macau University of Science and technology, Macau, and Christopher To, Secretary-General, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre as Co-Is. In addition, more than 30 scholars from 22 different countries are collaborating in the proposed project. (2007-2010).

Research Projects: CV
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